Virkotype is ideal for creating tactile and premium print finishes. Ideal for typography and linework, virkotype is a process by which resin powder is applied to wet ink. When heated, this melts and forms a glossy raised coating.

Virkotype creates a dimensional tactile feel to projects such as business cards invitations, report covers and more.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process whereby a die is used to cut through materials such as paper and card on a die press.  The process allows you to make an identical cut into material numerous times.  

For each job, a die, which is a shaped blade, is custom made for the item being created.

Die cutting is suited to medium-long runs.  Short run jobs, or jobs where the design is too intricate for a die to be manufactured laser cutting should be considered.

Edge Colouring

Edge colouring is a Hunter Bros. specialty.  Whether invitations or business cards our edge colouring is high quality with paints mixed to match your colour requirements.  Metallic gold, and silver is just the beginning. 

Our edge colouring is applied with care and precision to ensure a perfect finish with no bleeding onto the card’s face.